About Our Pastor



The ministry of Pastor James A. Carter, Jr. is a demonstration of what is meant by Godly Leadership. Pastor Carter's godly leadership can be illustrated by his presentation of life and his commitment to ministry.

Pastor James A. Carter, Jr. was born the son of a preacher in Columbus, Georgia on February 20, 1952. When he was 17 months old, his father moved the family to Columbus, Ohio. Unbeknownst to Pastor Carter, Jr., Columbus, Ohio would be the place where he would work, serve and minister for the greater portion of his life.

Pastor Carter, Jr. was one of the few black youngsters of his day who was endowed with both athletic and academic abilities, which established the framework of his leadership style and temperance. Even as a child, he was keenly aware of his surrounding neighborhood and the plight of Black Americans. Influenced by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Pastor Carter spent much of his adolescent life in the literary discourse of these Black patriots.

After attending Georgetown College for two years and completing a two year enlistment in the United States Marine Corp, Pastor Carter's lifestyle reflected that of a young man who was hurt, confused and disillusioned. His separation from religion and the church continued for some time until he heard a still small voice, which summoned him to the ministry. This was the beginning of a ministry, which would not only impact his life personally, but also revitalize an entire congregation.

His sensitivity to the heartbeat of God as well as his charismatic presence gained him a seat in the pulpit of Oakley Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Andy C. Lewter. There, he served on a number of church boards. In the six years of his service at Oakley, Pastor Carter worked a full-time job at General Motors while also attending and graduating from Trinity Theological Seminary.

In February of 1994, Pastor James A. Carter, Sr., pastor of the growing Lincoln Park Community Baptist Church, summoned his son to assist him in the work of

On January 13, 2002, Pastor James A. Carter, Jr. revealed his potential for godly leadership and ascended to new heights as a model of pastoral leadership, when he suddenly found himself propelled to the position of Senior Pastor of Lincoln Park Community Baptist Church. Pastor Carter found himself responsible for a congregation which represented the disenfranchised populous of the community. Pastor Carter assumed this responsibility and began to shoulder the burden of this monumental task. ministry. Though young and inexperienced, Pastor Carter, Jr. continued to work a full-time job and hold prominent positions in the church and community while simultaneously availing himself in servanthood to the church congregation. His adroitness as a religious leader, family provider, and community representative demanded the highest commendation possible.

Shortly after accepting the pastorate of Lincoln Park, Pastor Carter altered the face of the congregation by drawing hundreds of people to his services, while maintaining the overwhelming support of his congregation. This intellect and aggressive style proved to be the ideal formula for his church and community.

If ever there was godly leader, Pastor James A. Carter, Jr embodies such. His presence has had a tremendous impact on the church and local community. He has led people from the street corner to the pulpit, through the hospital room and the courtroom.

His roles as a student, family man and pastor speak volumes of his servanthood of life and his commitment to ministry.

As pastors search for solutions to the social economic and spiritual woes of the people, Pastor Carter's model of godly leadership will be a point of reference and an example of the possibilities and the potential of what godly leadership entails.